SyncTXT Features and Uses

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SyncText Features: Extremely easy to set up and use.  Up to 64 customizable messages written by you.  Sets of hundreds of pre-existing messages for you to choose from.  Free optional email delivery.  24/7 monitoring.  Adjustable Night Mode for quiet time.  Alerts archived for later viewing.  Helpful customer support.  Works with all major phones and carriers.  Secure SSL Payment.  Cancel service anytime.  Fast, convenient, and secure billing.

The My SyncTXT Portal

When you sign up for SyncTXT, you get access to a personalized My SyncTXT portal—your home on the SyncTXT website. There, you can:

  • Check the current status of your SyncTXT alerter.
  • Enable Night Mode to automatically switch off your alerts while you are sleeping.
  • Stop and start your alerts anytime.
  • Choose how your alerts are delivered (SMS text message, email).
  • Review, change, or add personalized alert messages anytime.
  • NEW: Choose a set of pre-written alert messages.
  • View your alert history, a log of the alerts you have received.
  • Write, review, and change private notes about your alerts.
  • Share stories about your alerts.
The My SyncTXT tab
The My SyncTXT link, for subscribers

The SyncTXT Status panel shows what your SyncTXT alerter is doing right now. You can stop and re-start your alerts anytime.

Sometimes it's easy to forget to turn your alerts off when you're going to sleep. That's why we built the Night Mode feature. If you have Night Mode enabled, your alerts automatically switch off, and back on, at times of your choice, every day.

The My SyncTXT Status panel
The My SyncTXT Status panel

SyncTXT lets you write your own alert messages, so the content of your alerts is customizable and personally meaningful. You can enter up to sixty-four alert messages. Output from SyncTXT's REG devices controls when you receive alerts, and which of your alert messages is sent. You can add new messages and delete or change existing messages anytime.

The SyncTXT Personalized Alert Messages panel
The My Custom Alert Messages panel

NEW: SyncTXT now provides Message Sets. Each set contains hundreds of pre-written messages that can be sent to you when you receive a SyncTXT alert.

The SyncTXT Message Sets panel
The SyncTXT Message Sets panel

The Alert History panel is an interactive log of your SyncTXT alerts. The Alert History panel is a valuable tool for reviewing your alerts, and exploring patterns and synchronicities in your alerts. You can insert private notes (to yourself) about your alerts, building a personal journal of your experiences with SyncTXT.

The SyncTXT Alert History panel
The Alert History panel

Setup is quick and intuitive. Configuring your account is easy with the SyncTXT Setup Wizard. The wizard guides you through the steps of setting up your SyncTXT alerts, offering helpful tips and a rich set of options.

The SyncTXT Alerter Setup Wizard
The SyncTXT Setup Wizard

Click here to sign up. You can start receiving alerts immediately. There is no obligation—you can cancel at any time.

NEW: SyncTXT Message Sets

When you sign up for SyncTXT, you get access to SyncTXT Message Sets. Message Sets are collections of hundreds of messages you can receive when you get a SyncTXT alert.

When you use Message Sets, you can skip the step of writing your own messages. Simply browse the Message Sets and choose the one you want to use.

SyncTXT Message Sets

As a subscriber, you can switch Message Sets any time, and you can contact us with suggestions for new Message Sets.

When you're using Message Sets, SyncTXT saves all your custom messages (messages written by you). You can switch between SyncTXT Message Sets and My Custom Messages anytime, with just two clicks.

Sign up to try SyncTXT Message sets.

Share SyncTXT Stories

When you sign up for SyncTXT, you can share your experiences with our community of users. SyncTXT Community features allow users to write stories about their SyncTXT alerts, and to comment on other users' stories.

The Share SyncTXT Stories Page
Share SyncTXT Stories

You can read stories by SyncTXT subscribers now at the SyncTXT Stories page.

Support for Subscribers

SyncTXT offers extensive support for our subscribers. Our Help and Support section allows users to instantly troubleshoot common issues. In addition, email technical support is included with your SyncTXT subscription.

The SyncTEXT Help and Support tab
The Help and Support link, for subscribers

SyncTXT is a service of Psyleron, Inc., a company and research organization that explores the connection between the mind and the physical world. Our goal is to make consciousness-related research and technology more accessible to the public.

We are committed to helping our subscribers to get the most out of SyncTXT. We provide support to help you use SyncTXT in ways that will engage your consciousness and enable learning and discovery.

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