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What is SyncTXT?

SyncTXT is a high-tech experiment and personal development tool that combines cutting-edge research with the concept of synchronicity. It enables users to explore a new perspective on their role in shaping reality while gaining unique first-hand experience with the subtle nature of mind-matter interactions.

The technology behind SyncTXT was developed by Psyleron—an outgrowth of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University. Research conducted at PEAR suggests that human intention is capable of influencing the output of random event generator (REG) devices. This influence is nonlocal, and yet to be explained by conventional scientific theories.

SyncTXT combines REG technology with (SMS) text messaging to send personalized messages to each participant's mobile phone. Participants write or choose from a set of messages, and throughout the day, SyncTXT's statistical algorithms monitor the output of a dedicated stream of REG data assigned to each user. When significant data is detected, the system selects a message and sends it to the user - leading to messages that may be sent at opportune times or triggered by the user's own emotional or mental states.


When you create a SyncTXT account, you are be prompted to enter your mobile phone number, and to choose a set of messages—or write up to sixty-four messages of your own—that you would like to receive. When you are finished with this step, a dedicated stream of data from a Psyleron REG is assigned to your mobile phone, and runs at all times. The REG data stream is used to decide when and which of your messages you will receive.

Read more about how SyncTXT works or listen to an interview about SyncTXT and about some of the background research that led to its development.

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